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Bridal Makeup Application (includes false lashes) $150.00

Bridesmaid Application $100.00

False Lashes $10.00

Trial (includes false lashes) $75.00


Travel fee $66/mile both ways

*Parking fees/tolls/accommodations must be paid for bride if applicable.

Organic Make-up Beauty Application

A private application of organic make-up.

Price: $65 (or free with a $100 product purchase) 

Organic Beauty Lesson

A private session that includes the organic make-up beauty application service (above) and teaches proper techniques and how to: apply make-up, match color to skin tone, and choose correct tools in order to achieve a desired look.  

Price: $80 (or free with a $125 product purchase)

Special Occasion Make-up
(Prices upon request)

Weddings ~ Proms ~ Anniversaries ~ Special Night Out

Just Because ~ Halloween


A private session of healing used for stress reduction and relaxation that offers a balancing technique that works with the body's own healing capabilities. It helps to promote and accelerate the natural healing process and restore balance on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. 

    Price: $85 1hr


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